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Feb 17, 2021

In this episode we speak to Wordsound Recordings CEO Skiz Fernando and Self Jupiter of Freestyle Fellowship, and we share some essential listening recommendations.

Skiz “Spectre” Fernando, AKA The Ill Saint, guides us through some rarely-told history, illuminating the vital connection between Jamaica and NYC, encompassing the dub reggae and early hip hop that would inform his unique approach to beat production and the dark, dusted aesthetics of his label, Wordsound Recordings. We go over the label’s roster including Prince Paul, MC Paul Barman, Sensational, Scotty Hard and Hawd Gankstuh Rappuhs MC’s Wid Ghatz. We also talk about Bill Laswell and the Jungle Brothers’ fated project Crazy Wisdom Masters. Finally, we discuss Skiz’s long-term relationship with Wu-Tang Clan and his forthcoming book, From The Streets of Shaolin: The Wu-Tang Saga.

This month’s Patreon bonus episode features additional time with Skiz, as he details his early influences, explains how he became a writer for The Source, and shares some arcane knowledge! After that, it’s an exclusive hour-long Sensational mix by Supreme Low who dubs out a selection of some of the greatest, most fucked-up works (including some rare and unreleased tracks) by the self-proclaimed “freak styler”. Get this and all the past bonus episodes (including Anti-Pop Consortium, New Kingdom, Cambatta, Brzowski, and Tokyo Cigar) for just $3 via

Guest correspondent Beverly Fre$h returns to break down Self Jupiter’s verbal and lyrical approach, from his work on Freestyle Fellowship’s Innercity Griots album through his latest releases with Kenny Segal, discussing the subconscious, finding hidden rhythms, leaving room for interpretation, and artworks as living entities. Jupiter also takes us back to the very first night of the infamous Good Life open mic, followed by the formation of Freestyle Fellowship, up through the subsequent years of Project Blowed, sharing how he regarded the growing underground hip hop scene of the late 90s which he and his peers had helped to birth.

We recommend some new releases by Tracy Jones and Bilal Salaam, and an older one that deserves more attention: FLANCH.

And we recommend a podcast, Rhythms Per Minute (hosted by Bloodmoney Perez), particularly an episode illuminating the brilliance of Bigg Jus.

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